8-Week Abs toning plan

8-Week Abs toning plan

8 Seasons

Everybody wants to have abs - ripped, lean and functional.
Well now it doesn’t have to be a dream or seem impossible.
The ABS WORKOUT is one of our Radical Action Plans to help you achieve that goal with a day by, week by week schedule of classes, that is safe, effective and assured to provide results.

• Super toned abs
• Helps build a rock-solid core
• Increases the ability to BURN FAT during and after training
• Builds muscle
• Enhances and increases metabolism
• Improves posture, stability, balance and coordination
• Reduces back pain and the risk of injury
• Releases endorphins in the brain
• Builds self-confidence
• Increases the strength of your entire immune system
• Helps control blood sugar levels, improve blood pressure and reduce the risk of obesity.
• Offers results in a few weeks. Improving physical condition, health and aesthetics in a short time.
• Saves time and is effective. An HYPER C ® class is performed in a maximum of 15´, up to three sessions per week.
• Provides an accessible workout. No equipment - You do not need equipment to do it. Only your body and the desire to train!
• Provides a simple training. Anyone can do it - ease of simplicity.

Video presenters: Celeste Contreras, Luna Ramirez, Diego Perez & Ramiro Arrebola
Program developer (IMF): Nathaniel Leivas & Gaby Leivas.
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8-Week Abs toning plan